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WordPress Quick Support

If you need quick service and immediate assistance on your WordPress website, we will fix it for you right away for $25.

Quick support is assistance that will take 30 minutes or less.

WordPress Support

If you have a WordPress website and need assistance to add a new plugin, check for errors, create a backup, check your website speed or other simple maintenance, we will help you for $49.

Our assistance will take 60min or less.

Monthly Site Care

We make sure your website stays healthy and online for your visitors non-stop!
Get affordable monthly support for $59.

You will receive 2 hours of maintenance per month.

Full Site Development

We build your website, register domain and provide unlimited support.
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WordPress Quick Support
30 minutes basic support
Quick support of your WordPress
WordPress Support
60 minutes WordPress Instant Support
Get 60 min of WordPress support
Monthly Site Care
Get Monthly Maintenance Plan
Receive 2 hours of maintenance per month