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Our expertise is unsurpassed since 2006 helping companies create memorable events and digital marketing campaigns that demonstrate results.  We’ve worked with numerous industries to create awareness and build brands at conferences, holidays, parties, and mitzvahs.

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From your first instant message to our team, you will receive responsive and knowledgeable service. We will help you plan you plan, design, and execute your projects. Your inflatable will catch people’s attention at events and generate sales. 

6.5″ Tall Inflatable, fan base, four LED lights, and a remote control




Inflatable is 6.5 feet tall x 1.47 feet wide (US)  / 2 meters high and the width is 0.45 meters – (EU)
4-week delivery time


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Sandy Hallum designation

Very nice product. great quality The size is exactly what I want and needed. Very easy to inflate and deflate. Perfect for the entrance to our seasonal event that made a lasting impression.

Marsajj Hendrickson designation

Loved it! Super easy to assemble! It was a big hit at my conference. My boss was happy with my purchase.

Jessica Hamilton designation

Amazing product. I ordered this one because of the bright LED lights and the remote control where we can make it any color of our event theme. Thank you very much.

Phillip Endelberg Designation

Very good product and easy set up.

Maggie Kim Designation

Great quality can be used over and over.

Incredible Quality

We stand behind our products and have become a relied upon partner for high quality inflatables at competitive prices. Let us show you our best work for your next event.




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